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Vitamin C

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Free of: Added sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten and additives.

What is Ascorbic Acid?  Ascorbic Acid, otherwise known as Vitamin C, is a vitamin found naturally in foods and also produced as a dietary supplement.

History  Vitamin C was first discovered in 1912, then first isolated in 1928. In 1933, it was the first vitamin to be chemically produced. Albert Szent-Györgyi and Walter Norman Haworth were awarded the 1937 Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine and Chemistry, respectively, for discovering Ascorbic Acid.

Natural Sources of Ascorbic Acid  Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, guava, broccoli, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, strawberries.

Ascorbic Acid Chemistry  The name “vitamin C” always refers to the l-enantiomer of ascorbic acid and its oxidized forms, such as dehydroascorbate (DHA). Thus, unless otherwise noted, “ascorbate” and “ascorbic acid” refer in the nutritional literature to l-ascorbate and l-ascorbic acid respectively. Ascorbic acid is a weak sugar acid structurally related to glucose.

Production of Ascorbic Acid  Vitamin C is produced from glucose by two main routes. The Reichstein process, developed in the 1930s, uses a single pre-fermentation followed by a purely chemical route. The modern two-step fermentation process, originally developed in China in the 1960s, uses additional fermentation to replace part of the later chemical stages. The Reichstein process and the modern two-step fermentation processes use sorbitol as the starting material and convert it to sorbose using fermentation. The modern two-step fermentation process then converts sorbose to 2-keto-l-gulonic acid (KGA) through another fermentation step, avoiding an extra intermediate. Both processes yield approximately 60% vitamin C from the glucose feed.

Warning: Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.  Misuse of our products will result in permanent account suspension and can lead to harm, injury, or death.  Professional use only.


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