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Vitamin B7

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Free of: Added sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, and additives.

What is Biotin?  Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is one of the B vitamins. It is involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, both in humans and in other organisms, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. The name biotin derives from the Greek word “bios” (to live) and the suffix “-in” (a general chemical suffix used in organic chemistry).

It is composed of a ureido ring fused with a tetrahydrothiophene ring. The ureido ring containing the –N–CO–N– group acts as the carbon dioxide carrier in carboxylation reactions. A valeric acid substituent is attached to one of the carbon atoms of the tetrahydrothiophene ring. Biotin is a coenzyme for five carboxylase enzymes, which are involved in the digestion of carbohydrates, synthesis of fatty acids, and gluconeogenesis.

History of Biotin  The discovery of biotin or vitamin B7 occurred in response to research investigating the cause of what was then called “egg white injury”. It goes back to the year 1927, when it was observed that rats fed egg white developed dermatitis and lost hair. This was named as egg white injury. In 1924 three factors were identified as necessary for the growth of microorganisms. They were called bios II, vitamin H, and coenzyme R. It soon became clear that all three were the same water soluble, sulfur containing vitamin – biotin.

The structure and properties of biotin were established by US and European investigators between 1940 and 1943. The first chemical synthesis was completed by Harris and Associated of the Merck Company in 1943.

Natural Sources of Biotin  Biotin can be found in foods such as chicken liver, beef liver, eggs, salmon, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

  Warning: Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.  Misuse of our products will result in permanent account suspension and can lead to harm, injury, or death.  Professional use only.


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