Grapefruit Zest

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Pure Flavoring

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Water Soluble.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Water.

Our pre-mixed Grapefruit Zest flavoring blend captures everything you love about the popular citrus fruit. The grapefruit was first documented in 1750 and known then as the “forbidden fruit”. Combining sour, tart, sweet, and a touch of floral, grapefruits are enjoyed all across the world. While they primarily used to be associated with breakfast, they have become increasingly popular in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as the grapefruit spritz in recent years. Bartenders, chefs, and bakers have all been incorporating more grapefruit into their creations in recent years.

Tasting notes: grapefruit, citrus, floral, sour, tart, sweet, refreshing

Our pre-mixed flavorings have been specifically formulated to be ready to use for your flavoring needs. No need to worry about wasting time mixing flavors on your own or trying to dial in the perfect ratios – we did that step for you. A few drops go a long way, use conservatively at first and continue to add more as needed depending on usage and taste preferences.

Popular uses: soda streams, homemade sodas, carbonated water, candies, smoothies, sorbet, and more!


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