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Vitamin B8

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Free of: Added sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, and additives.

What is Myo-Inositol Powder?  Myo-inositol is a carbocyclic sugar that is abundant in brain and other mammalian tissues; it mediates cell signal transduction in response to a variety of hormones, neurotransmitters, and growth factors and participates in osmoregulation. It is a sugar alcohol with half the sweetness of sucrose (table sugar). It is made naturally in humans from glucose. A human kidney makes about two grams per day. Other tissues synthesize it too, and the highest concentration is in the brain, where it plays an important role by making other neurotransmitters and some steroid hormones bind to their receptors.

History of Myo-Inositol  In 1850, Johann Joseph Scherer isolated from the muscle a hexahydroxy-cyclohexane which he called “Inositol”, from the ancient Greek ìs (in-, “sinew, fiber”), -ose (which indicates a carbohydrate), -ite (” ester “), -ol (” an alcohol “). His discovery aroused the interest of numerous academics for inositol and its derivatives.

Sources of Myo-Inositol  Foods containing the highest concentrations of myo-inositol and its compounds include fruits, beans, grains, and nuts. Fruits in particular, especially oranges and cantaloupe, contain the highest amounts of myo-inositol. It is also present in beans, nuts, and grains; however, these contain large amounts of myo-inositol in the phytate form, which is not bioavailable. Myo-Inositol can also be found as an ingredient in energy drinks, either in conjunction with or as a substitute for glucose, ostensibly to increase serotonin levels and alertness.

  Warning: Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.  Misuse of our products will result in permanent account suspension and can lead to harm, injury, or death.  Professional use only.


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