Thiamine HCI

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Vitamin B1

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Free of: Added sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, and additives.

What is Thiamine HCl?  Thiamine Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt form of thiamine, otherwise known as vitamin B1. Upon hydrolysis, thiamine hydrochloride is phosphorylated by thiamine diphosphokinase to form active thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), also known as cocarboxylase. TPP is a coenzyme for many enzymatic activities involving fatty acid, amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Production of Thiamine HCl  A method for the chemical synthesis of thiamine consists of separate syntheses of 4-amino-5-bromomethyl-2-methylpyrimidine hydrobromide and of the thiazole moiety or its acetate. Condensation of the two intermediate heterocycles gives thiamine bromide hydrobromide which is converted to thiamine chloride hydrochloride by treatment with silver chloride in methanol or with an ion-exchange resin.

Sources of Thiamine  Thiamine is found in a wide variety of processed and whole foods. Whole grains, legumes, pork, fruits, and yeast are rich sources.

  Warning: Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.  Misuse of our products will result in permanent account suspension and can lead to harm, injury, or death.  Professional use only.


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